DCG Loyalty Program

Support Davis Cards & Games and join our loyalty program!

When you purchase items either in-store or online for in-store pickup,
we will give you 3% back on your purchase in store credit!

How it works:

  • Create an store account.

    • When ordering online you must put in you email address and phone number at checkout to setup a store account.

    • If in-store speak to a staff member and they can set you up with an account.

  • When you purchase in-store please be sure to tell the staff member your name so that the purchase can be connected with your account.

    • If the purchase/order is not properly associated with your account we will not be able to give you store credit for that purchase.

  • Only items purchased or picked up in the store are eligible for credit. 

    • Orders that are shipped are not eligible.

  • Only purchases paid for with cash or card are eligible for credit.

    • Gift cards and store credit are not eligible for the 3% back.

  • All Organized Play events and special priced items are not eligible for the 3% back.

    • Organized Play includes all tournaments, event passes, & tickets.