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Using a Quest 2 headset, you and your friends will be in a fully immersive virtual reality escape room.

You will be able to see, talk, and interact with your friends as you solve the escape room puzzles.

This is like any other “Live” escape room you have been in, but we can change the environment to put you in places that we cannot build: outer space, under water, time travel, etc. Choose from 6 different adventures for up to four players. Recommended for 12 years and up (younger ages can play when accompanied by an adult).

You will have 45 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape. Our VR will not cause motion sickness! The sickness that some feel when using VR is caused by the sensation of seeing things move, while your body is standing still (ex: roller coaster VR at home). Our VR Escape Rooms have no artificial motion, so the discrepancy between what you feel and what you see does not happen. Our VR creates an environment around you, and matches your every move. Great for birthday parties or corporate team building events.

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The VR Escape Room and Mystery Games Retail Annex is located at:
654 G Street
Davis, CA 95616

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