4D Glasses Turboshift Acrylic Paint

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     4D Glasses is like our best selling 3D Glasses, but with an extra dimension! Well, sorta --- pink, blue, AND green.

     It is mainly more saturated as well as more colorful. You can layer it over other colors and it will get lighter the more layers you apply.

    How to Use:

    1. Shake a lot. Like more than you think.

    2. Make sure the tip is clear before you squirt. Our bottles feature removable dropper tips, this allows you to save un-used paint by pouring it back into the bottle.

    3. Use appropriate base coat color. The bottles say which base coat is best for said color. But generally most colorshifts and metallics look best over a black undercoat.

    4. Apply in 2-4 thin layers. Do not try to apply in one layer. Do not allow the paint to pool. Allow each coat to fully dry before applying the next.

    5. Turboshifts may be layered over each other, but not mixed together when wet.

    6. Gloss washes work best on Turbo Dork paints. Finish with a satin or gloss varnish to protect if desired.

    - $6.00

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