RG 1/144 Build Strike Gundam Full Package

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    #23 Build Strike Gundam Full Package

    Build Fighter Sei Iori Custom Made Mobile Suit GAT-X105B/FP

    Real Grade 1/144

    Sei's dream has become a reality as the Build Strike Gundam launches in the RG line-up! The Build Strike Gundam Full Package has been remodeled using Strike Gundam as a base. It features surface detailing and forms of Chobham armor, which is also utilized by tanks in the anime. This model kit boasts a transformation structure that utilizes details and new gimmicks based on a thorough investigation into real-life aircrafts. Recreate three weapon forms!

    Set includes:

    • Build Booster,
    • Enhanced Beam Rifle
    • Beam Gun (can be combined with the beam rifle)
    • Beam Saber x2
    • Chobham Shield
    • Weapon-wielding Hand
    • Clenched Han
    • Runner x10
    • Realistic Decal x1
    • Instruction Manual x1.
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