Reaper: Bones Miniatures

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    The Bones material is a polymer plastic. It is light-weight and slightly flexible, and is very durable. You can paint a Bones figure straight out of the package, and that paint job will also be pretty durable. Bones figures are as detailed as metal figures, for a much lower cost. Bones miniatures are produced with integral (built-in) bases, but it is easy to cut the miniature off of the base if you prefer to put it on something else. It is also easy to cut the figures apart to convert them into different poses or change weapons.

      Andre Durand - $3.00
      Bathalian Centurion - $4.00
      Bathalian Primarch - $4.00
      Ninja - $3.00
      Nova Corp: Sergeant - $3.00
      Patent Scientist - $3.00
      Texas Ranger - $3.00
      Occult Detective - $3.00
      Ezren, Iconic Wizard - $4.00
      Human Warrior Barnabas - $3.00

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