Bookworm: The Dice Game

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2-6 Players
Suitable for ages 8+
Play time 15-30 minutes

The bookworm is looking for his successor. He is testing the players as likely candidates in this game by having them go through a plethora of different categories. In each category they must find fitting words, such that they match a die in the display or in front of another player. A special die mixes things up as it provides bonus points, minus points or a new theme. Players have to secure the most valuable dice for themselves and steal their opponents’ dice. Whoever earns 21 points first, wins.

Bookworm - The Dice Game brings new twists to the Bookworm gameplay while keeping its core. The cards of both Bookworm - The Card Game and Bookworm - The Dice Game can be used for each other.

The Bookworm has come up with a new plan to find a worthy successor to his title. Instead of cards, a handful of dice now determine the available letters one round. Additionally, a special die adds a new rule each round. It can grant additional points, allow a player to change the category or count as a joker.

The players try to be the first to collect 21 points by finding words that match the current category and start with one of the letters on the available dice. Dots underneath each letter show the point value a player gains at the end of a round.

On their turn, a player takes a die from the display or from another player and names a word that begins with the letter on that die. If the die is from another player, they take a Bookworm Card as compensation, which is worth one point.

If any player takes the last Letter die from the display or fails to name a word on their turn, the round ends and the players score the dice in front of them. Then a new category is chosen and the dice are re-rolled for the next round.

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