Ultra Pro: Deck Builder's Premium Pro-Binder 480: Suede Collection

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    The Deck Builder's Premium PRO-Binder is designed for collecting playsets from your favorite trading card game. Each row holds a 4-card playset. Textured black pages to give cards a classic framed look while side-loading pockets help keep cards in place. With a zippered closure that wraps around the edge, this binder is designed to keep your contents secure. All materials are made from archival-safe, non-PVC materials. Sized to fit 480 standard (Magic) size cards in Deck Protector sleeves.
    • Deck Builder's Premium PRO-Binder designed for collecting playsets of your favorite trading card
    • Each row holds a 4-card playset
    • Side-loading pocket design helps keep cards in place
    • Zippered closure for added protection
    • Sized to fit 480 standard sized cards in Deck Protector sleeves

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