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3-5 players
Suitable for ages 14+
Play time 60 minutes


You are a formidable villain; your sinister conquests are innumerable. But there is one foe that even you cannot vanquish alone, Archerex, the lord of Dragons. A hoard of treasure beyond imagining waits to be claimed, and the scales of this dragon are more valuable than any amount of gold or gems! Will your loose alliance be able to take down Archerex, or will this great dragon’s rage consume you all?

Dragonscales, by Arcane Wonders®, is a game of villainy and treasure-grabbing where players are sinister villains, each with their own unique advantages, tactics, and style! Show your strength by slaying the dragon… while grabbing as much treasure as possible! Or maybe you will find an opportune moment and rush for the exit leaving your “allies” to be consumed by the dragon’s rage!

In Dragonscales, each player assumes the role of a sinister villain! Each villain has their own exclusive flavor and feel, with a variable power deck that contains their unique villainy cards.

After players have chosen their villains and the game is set up, it is time to Roll the Dice!

During this step, players simultaneously and secretly roll their dice behind their screens. Players may then reroll any or all of their dice up to two times –but beware, each die has a Dragon Rage result that cannot be rerolled! If you roll the dragon rage symbol, you have attracted the attention of Archerex, and the dragon will attack you later in the round.

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