Clue: Dungeons & Dragons

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    2-6 players 
    Suitable for ages 8+ 
    Play time 60+ minutes

    An Infernal Puzzle Box has come into the hands of the party, delivered by one of Elturel's Hellriders before he met his untimely end. The minions of Zariel will stop at nothing to reclaim the puzzle box, and the adventurers have come to realize that one of them may not be all that they seem - the puzzle box has gone missing, and time is of the essence! Who has been slain and replaced by a devil in disguise, what was the murder weapon, and where has the puzzle box been hidden?

    Custom Illustrated Game Board
    6 Custom Metal Tokens Representing the Weapons
    Rumor Cards Featuring 6 Suspects, 9 Locations, 6 Weapons
    Custom Score Pad

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