Galison: Set of Two Shaped Puzzles: Rose All Day 500 Piece Puzzle

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    500 Piece
    Wine: 8in x 17in                                                                    Roses: 13in x 11in

    Rosé All Day Set of Two Shaped Puzzle Set from Galison includes 2 uniquely shaped jigsaw puzzles. One features a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and the second is a glass and bottle of rosé wine.  Puzzles combined contain approximately 500 pieces and are packaged in sturdy stylish boxes, perfect for gifting or storing on a bookshelf. 

     Approximately 500 pieces

    - Wine puzzle: 8 x 17.5", 203 x 445 mm

    - Flower puzzle: 13 x 11.5", 330 x 292 mm

    - Minimal Puzzle Dust

    - Random Cut

    - $20.00

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