Geology for Kids

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Take a trek to the center of the earth 

Set off on an adventure 4.6 billion years in the making with Geology for Kids. Start at the red-hot center of Earth and learn about each layer until you reach the rocky crust. Discover how mountains, valleys, and oceans form, and uncover secrets about the planet you call home. (Did you know that only 20% of deserts are covered by sand, and some can be blistering cold in the winter?)

Geology for Kids is jam-packed with facts, illustrations, and photos that will teach you how volcanoes erupt, why earthquakes shake the land, and what causes tsunamis with waves 100 feet high. And when you’re ready to go from curious kid to certified rock hound, use the photographic guide to help you identify rocks and minerals in your own backyard. Your collection will be the best on the block!

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