GMS124 Gundam Marker Advanced Set

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    GMS124 Gundam Marker Advanced Set

    This is a new marker set for latest GUNPLA. We investigated and pursued latest and accurrate color of GUNDAM, also each markers can be used for various GUNPLA because these are almost basic colors such as white, blue and red. ●GM166 GUNDAM NEW WHITE Advanced white marker. It has brighter color and higher foundation screening effect compared with previous one, GM11 GUNDAM WHITE. ●GM167 GUNDAM RED GOLD It is advanced gold marker. Its color has more graceful impression than GM04 GUNDAM GOLD. ●GM168 GUNDAM LIGHT BLUE Light blue marker usable for Gundam's chest, Gouf's body and so on. ●GM169 GUNDAM PURPLE Bright purple marker. You can use it for Hi-ν Gundam. ●GM170 TITAN'S BLUE Dark blue marker for Titan's mobile suits. ●GM171 CHAR PINK 2 Latest pink color for Char's mobile suits.

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