H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon for Beginning Readers

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    Warning: This book explores themes of suicide and depression and is likely not suitable for younger readers.

    So a warning to all,
    for what it is worth:
    when the monsters arise
    they will conquer the earth.

    The famous H.P. Lovecraft story Dagon is gracefully retold in anapestic tetrameter and illustrated in a darkly whimsical style by "genius poet-artist" R.J. Ivankovic.

    Story Summary

    A sailor escapes in a lifeboat after his ship is attacked by a German raider during World War I. He soon finds himself in more bizarre peril, stranded in a dark, stinking mire on the edge of a mammoth pit. Venturing into the pit, he discovers a monolith covered in weird hieroglyphics and something stranger still that crawls from the slime—a creature that may be the vanguard of a vast and monstrous invading army from the depths of the sea.

    The story of a tortured mariner who records his horrific experience before taking his own life. 

    I'm recording these words 
    under some mental strain.
    I've run out of the drug 
    that was calming my brain.

    By the end of tonight
    I will surely be dead.
    Maybe then I'll escape
    all the things in my head.

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