KARMA: What Goes Around Comes Around!

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    2-4 players
    Suitable for ages 8+
    Play time 35 minutes

    Social and competitive players alike will enjoy the clever nuances of this game. KARMA is an elimination game where everyone wins - except the last player holding cards.

    Each turn play a card of equal or higher value to avoid picking up the entire discard pile. Move through your cards faster by playing doubles or triples. KARMA CARDS can get you out of a jam, but be careful because WHAT GOES AROUND...COMES AROUND!

    KARMA CARDS, like wild cards, can be played on any card. There are 4 different KARMA CARDS in the game. You can Give the Pile to a Friend, Play a Table Card early, move the bottom discard to the top with a Bottoms Up or make the next player play a Five or Below. Be sure to use them wisely because in this game WHAT GOES AROUND...COMES AROUND!

    Karma is a great party game. Combine 2 copy of the game together and you can play with up to 12 players. Perfect for taking on travels as well.

    - $13.00

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