Little Monster That Came for Lunch and Stayed for Tea

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2-4 players
Suitable for ages 8+
Play time 15-25 minutes

It's lunch time, and a most unusual company has arrived! Some are tall, some are short, some have scales for hair or tentacles for feet - but all of them are really, really hungry. Can you fill their bellies before anyone else beats you to eat?

Little Monster is a light racing game, where playing your cards right and using the abilities of your two unique monsters makes for a very tasty difference!

- Explain the game within minutes! 
- Choose 14 unique Little Monsters - each with their own special skill! 
- Combine Monster skills and card abilities into awesome combos! 
- Play with your family or your gamer friends - share the fun with anyone!

Every game you will be assigned two unique Little Monsters to feed as fast as you can, so you will have a great racing game with one, two or three opponents!

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