Magnetic Checkbook Chinese Checkers Set

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    This black tri-fold Chinese Checkers Checkbook Set is perfect for game players on the go, as it folds to the size of a checkbook so it can be placed in a shirt pocket, backpack, or bag! Compact yet completely playable, it features a 5.5 inch cream playing board with red, yellow, green, blue, purple and black pieces for up to 6 players. The magnets are strong so the board can be folded mid-game and positions will stay intact for later use.   This is an excellent stocking-stuffer, party favor, or gift for any game enthusiast.

    • Super strong magnetic pieces – Fold it mid-game and positions stay intact for a later play time
    • For up to 6 players – includes set of magnetic playing pieces in 6 different colors
    • Perfect travel size. Closed it measures 5.75 x 3.25 in.
    • Lightweight at 4 oz.
    • Enjoyed by soldiers, students, back-packers and traveling game enthusiasts everywhere on the planet!

    - $6.00

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