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    Bicycle MetalLuxe® with NEW premium package. These magnificent Cobalt decks feature our instantly recognizable design – this time with rich foil backs for exceptional brilliance. The special stamped application of metal foil is coated with our proprietary coating before our Air-Cushion® finish is applied. The result is a luxurious look with the performance and durability only available from Bicycle® Playing Cards. Use these for everyday play, cardistry, magic or just to show off! Makes a great gift for card lovers. Printed in the USA.

    Card features:

    • Bicycle® Classic card stock
    • MetalLuxe® foil application on backs
    • Special court card coloring
    • Air-cushion® finish
    • Bicycle® feel, handling and durability

    Packaging features:

    • Charcoal gray radiant tuck case stock
    • Unique debossed ace of spades texture
    • Full foil back of box and front foil accents

              Foil Prices

              Foil Back Crimson - $10.00
              Foil Back Cobalt - $10.00

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