Murder Mystery Party: A Murder on the Grill

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    6-8 players

    You and your guests find yourselves at the Kansas City home of Tom Dooley for a sizzling backyard cookout and some fabulous party fun. Too bad poor Tom gets iced over his hot grill - and you may be a suspect. How low will you go?

    In 1985, University Games introduced the Murder Mystery Party to the world as its first game. Years later, these parties-in-a-box still include everything players needs to solve a murder during an evening with friends.

    • Party Planner with recipes and menu by Cookbook Author Sandra Gluck - including music and decorating tips
    • Character Booklets for all suspects, includes their roles and background information
    • Eight Place Cards
    • Eight Party Invitations and Envelopes
    • Six Secret Clues
    • Compact Disc with an introduction, summary of events and solution to the crime

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