Nut So Fast

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    3-6 players
    Suitable for ages 8+
    Play time 20 minutes

    The laugh-out-loud party game of quick reflexes.
    You gotta be lightning-fast, in this wildly nutty party game! Flip two cards and watch for exactly four matching nut pictures. If you see a set of four, grab the nut token with the same face, right out from under other player’s noses!

    But “Nut So Fast”… if a number card appears, players will need to strike the correct Nutty Pose instead. A boisterous game of quick thinking, fast reactions and nutty poses for 3-6 players with adorable wooden nut tokens illustrated by noted web cartoonist, Chris McCoy!

    Fast, fun and frenetic - the perfect party game!

    Very approachable, perfect for gamers and non-gamers alike.

    A snap to learn and start playing within three minutes

    - $19.00

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