Shut the Box: 4 Player

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    2-4 players
    Suitable for ages 8+
    Play time 30 minutes

    The game 'box' has levers labelled from one to ten.

    Initially all the levers are in the 'up' position.  The first player rolls two dice. He or she then knocks down the levers as follows:  One number which is the combined value of both dice.

    If any player knocks down ALL the levers in his or her turn, and thus 'shuts the box', they are automatically declared the winner!

    This was later the inspiration for the NBC Daytime TV game show High Rollers airing from 1974 until 1975 and again from 1979 until 1980 under the name as (The New) High Rollers and much later in Syndication from 1975 until 1976 and from 1987 until 1988.

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