The Master Theorem: A Book of Puzzles, Intrigue and Wit

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    I'm M, or at least that's how I'm known, and I'll be your guide.

    The Herculean test of your grit is as follows: Find the word or phrase solution to each one of my puzzles, called Theorems. Doing so will earn you entry into the elite ranks of The Master Theorem. It may take you some time, but trust me—it’ll be worth it.

    My puzzles, called Theorems, are not your average brain teasers or logic puzzles. Theorems are more open-ended in nature, with no instructions per se. Each one is different, but solutions will always be a word or phrase.

    The 41 puzzles in my book aren't exactly child's play. I recommend it for ages 13 and up, or 10 and up for young prodigies. But don't think that means my book wouldn't be a good score for adults, too. 

    Puzzlers who love escape rooms, escape room games, or riddles will find my Theorems particularly intriguing., They can be solved on your own or with a partner or two in crime. Getting through the whole book could take weeks to months. But what you learn will last a lifetime.

    What's in it for you:

    Read my cryptic ramblings alongside each encrypted logic puzzle, called a Theorem

    Decipher each puzzle to reveal the word or phrase answer

    Become an expert in codes, ciphers, and mysteries of the universe

    Beautifully illustrated puzzle book with 40+ Theorems, over 200 pages in length

    Get 3 hints and a full solution per Theorem in the back of the book

    Recommended for ages 13 and up, or 10 and up for young prodigies

    Months of neuron-growing entertainment

    - $29.00

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