Tournament of Towers

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    2-4 players
    Suitable for ages 5+
    Play time 20 minutes

    Tournament of Towers is a great STEM game for families and hardcore gamers alike.

    Use sequence planning, card drafting, and clever placement to build the best monument in Geometria!

    Tournament of Towers is the gold standard in dexterity based stacking games.

    This is a 
    great STEM game for families and hardcore gamers alike!

    Enjoy the challenge of balancing the best pieces, sequence planning, and card drafting mechanics in this nail-biting game of balance and creative tower building. Each player takes on the role of an architect competing to design a worthy monument for the kingdom of Geometria.

    It’s quick to learn (~5 min), and easy to play (~30 min per game).

    - $55.00

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