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    Board-game cards suffer from frequent shuffling and heavy touching, therefore their protection should be of huge interest to any devoted board gamer. These board-game sleeves provide a premium protection and still keep a great shuffle feel. With their matte lamination, these sleeves block annoying reflections to ensure that cards are clearly visible from all angles and avoid symptoms of eye fatigue during gameplay.
    The reinforced thickness of 100 microns adds weight and strength to all cards and provides a premium appearance.

    The well-known and established Sleeve Color Codes by Fantasy Flight Games™ are continued in this product line. Players will recognize the proven color system and find new sizes with new color codes 


    • Matte back and front for clear
      visibility, averting symptoms of
      eye fatigue during gameplay
    • Prevents bent corners, scratches
      and damages from shuffling
    • Reinforced thickness,
      very strong sleeves
    • Great shuffle-feel
    • FFG Sleeve Color Codes
    • Acid-free, no PVC


    Mini American: 

    Sleeve Size: 44 x 67 mm / 50 Sleeves p. pack

    For card size up to 42 x 65 mm
    Compatible with: Arkham Horror™, Arkham Horror LCG™, Twilight Imperium®™, Zombicide™, Champions of Midgard™ and more!


    Mini European: 

    Sleeve Size: 46 x 71 mm / 50 Sleeves p. pack

    For card size up to 44 x 69 mm
    Compatible with: Gloomhaven™, Scythe™, Spirit Island™, Ticket to Ride™, Codenames™, Chronicles of Crime™ and more!

    Standard American: 

    Sleeve Size: 59 x 91 mm / 50 Sleeves p. pack

    For card size up to 57 x 89 mm
    Compatible with: Scythe™, Wingspan™, Star Wars: Rebellion™, Arkham Horror™, Gaia Project™, Raiders of the North Sea™, Ticket to Ride™, Fabled Fruit™ and more!

    Standard European: 

    Sleeve Size: 62 x 94 mm / 50 Sleeves p. pack

    For card size up to 60 x 92 mm
    Compatible with: Agricola™, Anachrony™, Chronicles of Crime™, Vikings Gone Wild™, Dominion™, Robinson Crusoe™, Legends of Andor™ and more!

    Standard Card Game: 

    Sleeve Size: 66 x 91 mm / 50 Sleeves p. pack

    For card size up to 64 x 89 mm
    Compatible with: Magic the Gathering™, Gloomhaven™, Terraforming Mars™, Arkham Horror LCG™, Brass: Birmingham™ and Brass: Lancashire™, Clank!™, Clank! In! Space!™, Spirit Island™, Pandemic™, Star and Hero Realms™ and more!

    7 Wonders: 

    Sleeve Size: 67 x 103 mm / 80 Sleeves p. pack

    For card size up to 65 x 101 mm
    Compatible with: 7 Wonders™, Abyss™, Raptor™, Coup™, Mr. Jack™, The Pursuit of Happiness™, Modern Art™ and more!

    Dixit™ / Mysterium™

    Sleeve Size: 81 x 122 mm / 90 Sleeves p. pack

    For card size up to 79 x 120 mm
    Compatible with: Dixit™, Mysterium™, Legends of Andor™, London™, Inis™, Escape Tales: The Awakening™, Detective Club™, Flash Point: Fire Rescue™, Path of Light and Shadow™ and more!

    Mini American - $3.00
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    Standard Card Game - $3.50
    7 Wonders - $4.00
    Dixit / Mysterium - $5.50

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