Gamegenic: Prime Double Sleeving Pack: Standard Size

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    Prime Sleeve Size up to 66 x 91 mm
    Inner Sleeve Size up to 64 x 89 mm
    Card Size up to 83 x 88 mm
    Quantity per pack

    80 Prime Sleeves

    80 Inner Sleevs

    Material  Polypropylene

    Card sleeving is the standard kind of protection in all card games. To increase this protection most players add a smaller, inner sleeve (sleeve-within-sleeve) to seal their valuable cards from all sides. This Double Sleeving Pack contains both inner sleeves and regular sleeves to provide a maximum of protection for up to 80 cards. Inner and outer sleeves match perfectly to make double sleeving fast and easy. Both sleeves are extra clear for perfect visibility with unaltered colors or contrast of the contained cards. The back side of the black, regular sleeves is 100% opaque and provide a great shuffle feel.

    80 Prime Sleeves + 80 Inner Sleeves per pack
    Precise fit for standard-sized gaming cards
    For additional sleeve-within-sleeve protection
    Extra high clearness, ensuring a genuine visual quality with unaltered contrast and colors
    Consistent sizing
    Acid-free, no PVC

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